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How will Road to IELTS help you?

Practice tests

Road to IELTS is the official online British Council preparation course. It includes a total of 36 individual practice tests with answer keys, and videos of 5 candidates taking the Speaking test — all provided by the British Council.

Flexible learning

You are subscribing to a 100% online course, so you can study any time, anywhere and at your own pace. Access everything you need in one convenient place.

No test-day shocks

What should you do if you feel nervous in the Speaking test? How much time should you spend on Writing Task 1? Road to IELTS has the answer to these questions… and so many more. There’ll be no surprises on your IELTS test day!

Learn. Practise. Test.

Learn everything you need to know about the IELTS test with these two Road to IELTS tools:


A great place to start your preparation, the four ebooks for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening show you all the different question types. They also tell you exactly what the examiner is looking for.

Advice & Tutorials

These 17 videos by British Council IELTS experts are packed with tips and tricks for your preparation, and for the test day itself. Don’t miss out on these secrets to IELTS success!

Learn. Practise. Test.

Practice Zone

“If you do nothing else, you must understand how the test works.” — Victoria Clark, Assessment Development Manager, British Council.

Give yourself the best chance of achieving the band score you need by practising question and task types in the Practice Zone. It has over 300 interactive activities modelled on real IELTS test papers — with instant marking and feedback!

Learn. Practise. Test.

Test Practice

What band score do you need? What level are you at now? Try a practice test in the Free Version, put your results into the IELTS score calculator, and find out.
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